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Jupiter has hit Hughesnet Satelite

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Jupiter has hit Hughesnet Satelite

It must have hit their phones too. I am about done with Hughescrap. AT&T looks pretty good to me right now. At least i could get in touch with someone, even if it is Bangladesh! Tried calling 105 times in last hour. Rings once and hangs up. Terrible even before it slammed into Jupiter. Wonder who was driving the peice of junk.
Associate Professor

There is currently a system wide outage affecting Gen5 Echostar-19 customers, call volume is high, and there is nothing that basic support can help with in this scenario.  There is no ETA for when service will be restored, but engineering is working on it.  You can read the official statement here:

This will, of course also affect those with VOIP as well.

Probably take the minions a while to dig all the debri from the crash crater on Jupiter. Probadly a drunk driver hopped on moonshine from New Year celebration.

Camon they are a multimillion dollar company . They could haved hired a DD or Uber instead of a drunk raming the satelite into Jupiter. Its not like its a mailbox either, good lord its a planet.

I thought it was Y2.18K