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Laptop won't connect to internet

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Laptop won't connect to internet

I have not been able to get my laptop to connect to the internet.  I have taken the laptop to two other locations and it worked without any issues.  Two calls to Hughes Net for support were both unsuccessful.  Neither representative was able (or willing....) to assist.  Instead, I was transferred to their paid support team who are not Hughes Net employees.  Nobody has tried to help me without asking for my credit card information first.  


I have reset the router, cleared all cookies on the laptop, "forgot" the WiFi connection.  Other devices (iPhones, iPad, and Kindle) work without any issues.  


Any suggestions?  

Assistant Professor

1. What model/make of laptop?


2. What OS?


3. Can you see the network on the laptop? It does sound like it since you say you have forgotten the network. Does it reappear when you search for networks?



Lenovo IdeaPad - unsure of model (I'm at work now, laptop is at home.  It is probably 5-7 years old).  


Updated to Win10 just yesterday (brought computer to work and WiFi worked fine, did all updates).  


Network appears on the laptop, allows me to enter password then indicates "No Internet".  Yes, it reappears after I have "forgotten" network. 



Assistant Professor

Is strange. Possibly something with the 10 drivers or WiFi adapter settings that the modem doesn't like. Make sure the adapter is set for automatic IP and DNS. Also reboot it after any changes. Can also run through these steps:


About all I got other than that is to plug the laptop directly into the modem and see if it works. If it does then at least it points directly to the WiFi adapter in the laptop probably being the issue.

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