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Latest Modem Update causing degraded service with Apple products

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Latest Modem Update causing degraded service with Apple products

While there have always been issues with our HughesNet Gen5 Internet access, since the last modem software update (08/22/2019 05:21:31) we experience more frequent iCloud IMAP email connection issues, failure to load pages on many web site connections, and stalls during software downloads. (And of course, the ftp connection failures that began in December 2018 have gotten worse.) "Speed" may or may not be the issue; reported download speeds vary from 46.9mbps to 2.67mbps (and sometimes 0mbps) with our top tier Gen5 service. We have rebooted the computers (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6), devices (iOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.2), and modem, and have changed the modem DNS settings (it is back to "Obtain from ISP" for now). When we switch the connections to cell LTE service there are no connection issues. The HughesNet Gen5 service definitely doesn't like working with Apple systems. I welcome suggestions for Gen5 modem settings that will end the degraded service for our Apple systems.


About a month after I began reporting the issue in Dec 2018, HughesNet did send a technician to check things out.  He replaced the modem AND the dish electronics since he was seeing errors on the connection.  With the new equipment he said there were no errors and the connection worked as it should.  A few minutes after he left the issue returned.  But that is the way it was before he replaced the equipment and after the replacements.  Sometimes everything works fine and other times everything fails.  Mostly fails, actually.


For those who might be wondering, there are no trees, branches, or any obstructions beside or above the dish.  The dish has a clear line-of-sight to the satellite.  I'm at latitude 32 degrees North.