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Limited Connectivity to the Gateway and no phone service

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Limited Connectivity to the Gateway and no phone service



I have been experincing alot of issues with the internet since our last major storm that mocved through our reigon. My system control self tests have been helpful. The last test I preformed showed a 6,000ms Average Delay. I just ran it again and now have packet loss of 10% and a average delay of 864ms. I cant call in because the phone is down. Can someone please adivse me of what I need to test next. the internet is very slow and unrealible so I may not be able to get back on right away. I am out of Data, (i'm always out of Data ) but the speeds have been consistanly around 2mbps which is amazing (thank you tech support) I just retested and packet loss is at 80% and average delay is at 18,176ms.

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Make sure to leave the modem plugged in so that the reps are able to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment.  Hopefully they'll reply tomorrow (Monday) with the next step.


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Good morning Robp1,


Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what happened recently. Thankfully that storm didn't affect your equipment, diagnostics aren't showing any misalignment with your dish; actually everything is working just fine on our end. The only thing is that, as you correctly stated, you're out of service plan data which is why performance has been affected. 


Considering the number of devices on your network and your overall usage, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger service data plan


Your data refreshes on the 11th, so your speeds will get back to normal then. Some customers opt for data tokens if they run out before the data refresh, so you have a few options available.



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