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Limited connectivity to the gateway error Gen 5

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Limited connectivity to the gateway error Gen 5

I keep getting the limited connectivity to the gateway error on my Hughesnet Gen 5. It will do this then be fine for a while. I check this when I notice that pages are loading slowly or not at all. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? 

Associate Professor

Could you tell us where exactly you are seeing this error, or provide a screenshot?  Is it showing up on the bottom right in a little bubble popup? Are you connecting via Wifi to the HT2000w?

Here's where it shows up. I'm using my tablet (Samsung Galaxy tab s2 running Android 6.0) and the WiFi. I just unplugged it for a few minutes to see what that does. PicsArt_04-06-01.57.12.png

Not sure why you blotted out your IPGW...  That aside, bad weather at either the gateway or your location can cause gateway connectivity errors.

I wasn't sure what to block out. Don't want people to hack my account. 

The only number that is actually sensitive would be the SAN (Subscriber Account Number) and any wifi passwords that are shown in the wifi-settings.