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Limited data per month and prices are almost 3 times the cost of internet at my former home.

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Limited data per month and prices are almost 3 times the cost of internet at my former home.

Limited data per month and prices are almost 3 times the cost of internet at my former home, unfortunately it is not available in the rural area in which i now live.

Hi lereeves42,

Welcome to our community. Satellite internet is pretty different from what you might get in the city and generally one of the few options available to rural residents. Since it is a very expensive service to develop, build and maintain, the cost to the customer will be a bit higher - however we try to offer different tiers (our lowest starts at $40) of plans and promotional discounts when possible.

If there is anything we can to do to help or give advice on, please let us know.

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Yep, that's satellite, more expensive and less data than cable. Better to be frustrated with the cable providers who won't run it to your home because the cost/benefit ratio doesn't meet their bottom line. At least I've had internet for 12 years now thanks to HughesNet.
Pawnee County
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Hi Lereeves42

I have lived in the same place for close to 29 years and thanks to HughesNet I have Internet that works.  When I first moved out here in 1988 there wasn't much Internet we used BBS's and Phone Modems for everything.  As the Internet started to grow a 33.6 modem and Windows 3.0 was all that was needed.  With the introduction of Cable and OS's like Windows 95 and 98 phone modems became old school as web sites were getting larger with more graphics.  Along came DSL that offered Broadband to more households whare cable companys did not offer Internet.  As a result sites got even larger and pictures were replaced with Video Graphics and sound.  By then a Dial Up Internet Connection even V-90 56k was not enough to access large sites.  The Cable and DSL providers would not cover cover rural areas due to cost vs return wasn't possible.  This presented a need for a competitive source of service for rural areas.  Some of these needs were supplied by Cellular in certain areas but coverage was spotty and very expensive for low data allowances of 2 to 5GB at best with speeds of 256k or less.

Satellite has made it possible for folks like myself and my neighbors to have decent service at a decent price for the first time in the 28 3/4 years I have lived here.  I do appreciate having HughesNet and EXEDE to cover these forbidden areas of the country.  No it isn't cable but it sure beats the heck out of the other options.  There is many things other than Internet to enjoy in the country but the freedoms out weigh sacrifices many times over.