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Loss of signal Gen 5 Beam 68

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Loss of signal Gen 5 Beam 68

My signal all of a sudden dropped to under 30.  There is no extreme weather in my area or my gateway location of San Diego. Both are just partly cloudy.  


I don’t think it was a good idea but I attempted to reboot my modem but now it won’t complete the start up because no signal to check and complete the Software Download progcess. 


Is is anyone else having any problems?  


We don't have any internet either and the customer service line isn't working either.

Same here.
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Mine is down too. I’m in IL so the weather is very cold but that isn’t new tonight. Tried calling tech support and can’t get through.

Gen5 is really starting to be more of a hassle for a lot of people it seams.   I am starting to regret upgradeing in a way.   When everything is working good it’s nice but seams more trouble then good these last several months. 

I am on Oklahoma - down for the last 30min. You?
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Jupiter II / Echostar19 appears to be having multiple outages...  The moderators will probably make an announcement soon.  Please dont call the service line as they afe overwhelmed and it will not help if its a system wide issue.

I am in southern Pennsylvania.  @DB2018 are you also on the SDO gateway?   I forget where you go to check.   @C0RR0SIVE can let you know if you can’t find it. 


@C0RR0SIVE  Are there any moderators available at this time to give us an update? 

My husband “thinks” so. This stinks, especially since you can’t get through to customer support.

By the way what is @Corrosive ?

@DB2018  The @C0RR0SIVE is a tag so that person could get a notification to view to post and reply.   

Now they post an Announcement saying interruption for “SOME” Gen5 customers... it seams more like MOST or ALL Gen5 customers.  


I did a search for HughesNet outages and a few sites I looked at show hundreds of reports and customers commenting they have no internet. 


Hope the satellite isn’t fried. Smiley Frustrated


This is the second time since I got HughesNet in 2008 where I lost service.  The first time was with my old system which was out for almost a week.

Only way to know gateway is to look before you have an outage....  terminals will show creating ipgw or associating right now.


It will take a bit to get a moderator here...  They usually take 2ish hours to post when theres an outage of this scale, especially on a holiday.

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YES Sytem went down so did there service phone number


Im in Alabama and mine is down YET AGAIN

I have been down more than up over the past few months, I call and they say Im under contract yet they dont fufill they end of the contract

I connected another provider so I have internet

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You are spamming, and breaking the community terms of service at this point, please refrain from doing so, as this makes it difficult to wade through the topics/posts here.

Then answer some of these posts

How is @JerryLantz in violation of any of these guidelines? As consumers we all pay for goods and/or services. When we are paying money for a service that is not being provided we as consumers are forced to go elsewhere.
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Mine is out too, I can’t wait to cancel service after their customer service line opens again I’m so sick of this terrible internet service