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MB used to download a Kindle book

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MB used to download a Kindle book

Hello everyone,

I’m somewhat interested to get an eReader to read Kindle books. 

My question: Approximately how many MB’s are used to download a standard size book?

How long does it take?


Erwin E Maruna

Associate Professor

Really, it's going to depend on a few factors, such as images, whether they are colored or not, as well as how many pages there are...  I personally am not much of a book reading kinda guy, but, my mother uses her Kindle fairly often and most the books (those novels that are like, an inch or so thick) she downloads are about 10 to 15MB a pop at most.

You might find more information on the subject at the following link..

Thank you very much for your answer.

This really helps to look into it further.