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Modem Not Working

My Internet has been down all day.  The only lights on my modem that are on are the power and WiFi lights.  The system, receive, transmit and LAN lights are all off.  I have a home based business and need the Internet to run our business.  I called customer service but was told that I wouldn't recieve a new modem for 5 business days.  Is there any local Hughesnet distributor that I can pick one up ASAP.  I urgently need to get up and running right away.  This is the 3rd or 4th modem we have had from Hughesnet in the 8 months we have had the service.  They only last about 3 months.  Very stressful to try and run a business with this happening all the time.

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Unfortunately, the reps on this Community are only on M-F from about 8AM to 5PM EST, so you won't hear from one until at least Monday.  


Having so many modems go bad is extremely odd.  It makes me wonder if something is wrong with the power brick and it keeps frying them.  The only thing I can suggest is making sure all connections are tight and to try power cycling the modem, but I'm sure you've already done all that.  


Sorry for the bad news.  😞   

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Thank you for the information, GabeU.  Much appreciated.  I have done all of the recommended steps to no avail.


I have spent over 22 hours on the phone with Hughesnet customer service since signing up last Fall.  One day alone, they kept me on the phone for 7 hours!  The modems only work for about three months and then stop.  Last time this happened was during December, when our home based business was receiving a huge volume of orders every day and we had no internet.  Customer service wouldn't send a tech out for 2 weeks!  When they finally arrived, we were told that the last tech didn't use new equipment and that's why our modem wasn't working properly.   They replaced everything inside and out (except the dish itself) with new equipment. As well, every time this happens they want to charge us $135 to get our Internet back up and running.  I have never in my life had a worse experience with any company, ever.  It's been a nightmare!

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Where is the modem located? Is it being exposed to extreme heat, cold, moisture, dust, etc.? Was the power brick ever replaced?


Like Gabe said, shouldn't be going through modems so quickly. Hopefully a mod will respond tomorrow.

The modem is located on my desk.  There are no extremes in temperature, dust or moisture.  Yes, the power brick was replaced in December along with the modem, as well as the transmitter and some other item outside, which I can't remember the name of.  The problem we had in December was different, in that the Internet was going down every 10 minutes every day, all day, for a couple of months. I spent over 20 hours on the phone with customer service before anybody would help us.  I think this is a new issue, where the modem is totally dead. 

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Though I'm sure the reps will see this thread regardless, I'm going to tag them just to be sure. 




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Hi Mi50,


  I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. I pulled up your account to investigate and it looks like one of our agents has already started the process to send you a replacement modem. I'll private message you the UPS tracking number of your replacement modem. You can return your old modem in the same box; there's a prepaid return label in the outer pouch.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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After waiting a week to receive a new modem, I was not happy to see that I was sent a refurbished model.  It was evident by all of the scratches on the face of it.  After all of the problems that I have had with both new and refurbished modems, I couldn't believe I was sent a used model.  It has only been up and running for a few days and it is already acting up.  I am losing my Internet intermittently.  I run an online business from home and CANNOT continue to have this going on.  Last November and December my Internet literally went down every 10 minutes around the clock for 2 months!  This was at our busiest time of year for our business.  It was a horrible nightmare!  As explained previously, I have spent over 22 hours on the phone with customer service, who have lied, argued, interrupted me constantly, asked the same questions over and over without ever actually listening to me and who don't help me rectify my problems.  I'm at my wit's end with this company!  I can't face calling customer service again and spending literally hours on the phone with them.  Yesterday the Transmit, Receive and System lights were all out on my "new" modem.  Today the system lights are going on and off and the Internet is not working. On the Hughesnet Diagnostics page the DNS Acceleration and Association had red checks by them.  The thought of going through losing my Internet connection every day, all day is TOO much to bear, but with the track record of all of the previous modems, it seems all too likely.  It's impossible to run my business like this.  Help!

It's been less than an hour since my last post and my Internet has already gone down again, this time for a half an hour.  This time all of the lights on the modem were on.  Hughesnet Diagnostics website said this...

  1. System Status was yellow (operating in degraded state).
  2. Red x's on RTT, DNS Acceleration and Association.
  3. Fair Access Policy had slashes (status not available)
  4. At one point all areas had slashes and said status not available
  5. The diagnostics codes we saw were
    • System State Code: 21.2.6
    • Association State Code: 21.2.6
    • FAP State Code: 24.1.2
  6. Diagnostics Code: 0000-0020-6400-0009

This "new" modem has only been hooked up for a week and already it's going down repeatedly.  We are not receiving the service that we have signed up for.  It's just a constant drain of our time, energy and money.  I have explained that we need this up and running for our business, but customer service does not care in the least about fixing these issues.  As I am writing this, the transmit light just went out and our Internet has gone down yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UNREAL!  This is the fouth time in the past two hours!  Now the system light went out two minutes after the transmit light went out!  Two minutes later, the receive light went out.  Now the only lights on are the power light, the wifi light and the LAN light.  We need a technician out here ASAP to fix this once and for all.  Eight months of this going on NONSTOP is unacceptable!

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