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Modem losing power intermittently

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Modem losing power intermittently

For quite a while now, I have been having issues with my modem just losing power intermittently, multiple times throughout the day.  ALL the lights go off. This has been happening for a LONG time now, but I just started actually documenting it beginning on 10/20/2015.  Since then, I have documented every time it goes off.  It usually goes off and comes right back on, but lately (the last 2 days) at least 1 of the times it goes off it has taken 10 minutes to come back on.  As soon as it is back up and running, I look at the System Control Center site and it shows that there is software downloading.  Also, in the last couple of weeks whenever it comes back on, I am now getting an "IP address conflict." On the System Control site in the first box, State
Code - the message is "Addressing on LAN incorrect." After a minute or two, that changes to "Fully Operational."

The modem has been changed numerous times.  I have also called many times, but finally quit calling because I usually speak to a person who does not speak/understand English very well and I have to jump through the hoops of unplugging the modem, plugging it back in, yada, yada, yada, when I know these things are NOT the issue.  The last couple of times I did call, they came to conclusion that it is nothing to do with Hughes Net, but is my electric service. 

I have called my electric service and actually spoke to an official there.  He researched the issue and told me a few things to try to see if this could actually be a power surge.  Regardless of what room in the house, what receptacle the modem is plugged into, this happens pretty much every single day. 

This has become a real problem for me because I work from home and every time this happens, the job that I have loaded and working on is lost in space for quite some time until it recycles.  Not to mention that I do not get paid for this job. I am a medical transcriptionist and I am paid by the reports that I type.  If I get almost through a report and then lose connection, the job is gone and I don't get credit/pay for that job. 

If anybody knows of anything I can try - please let me know.  I am about at the end of the rope with Hughes and ready to try another provider.  I pay $123.84 a month for internet - the service should definitely be better than what I am getting. 

Hi ncseamonkey,

Thanks for posting and welcome. I was able to pull up your account with your profile info. You have a long case history with us so bare with me while I investigate what is going on at your site. I don't want to have us repeat things done and get redundant. Once I have something I will let you know. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we help address your concerns.

Thank you,