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Monthly usage

I’m going through my monthly usage quicker than I should be. I’m hardly ever home and I sign everything out when I’m not home. So how am I using all my data in two weeks?
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First, because this is more a tech support question/issue, the reps may move this topic to that section after they're back from the weekend. 


Regarding your issue, it really depends on what devices are connected, what you do on those devices, and what those devices do on their own, as many devices will use data automatically without any input from you.  


A couple of the most common automatic data users are cloud connections, which because of HughesNet's limited amount of data aren't a good idea to use, and a satellite TV receiver, which HughesNet recommends against connecting to their service due to the fact that, even if nothing on-demand is ever watched through the receiver, they can still use internet data, and a LOT of it.  This is especially the case with DirecTV receivers.  They can transition to using the customer internet for Guide and program updates, as well as downloading the "instant watch" movies that are occasionally seen sandwiched in the pay movie channels, which would normally download through DirecTV's own dish.  


You also want to be sure to control the updates for your devices as much as you can.  How much control you have can vary by device, however.


If you have a Windows 10 computer, you should also check to make sure that "Delivery Optimization" in Windows Updates is either turned off, or ONLY used on your network.  And, as mentioned above regarding the cloud, using OneDrive should be avoided, if possible. 


Just in case, a modem page that may help is!/general/conn_dev_info.  You need to be connected to the HughesNet modem to see this page, either via LAN cable or WiFi.  This modem page shows any currently connected devices, as well as any devices that were connected, but are no longer.  This is only since the last time the modem was plugged in, as the logs are erased when it's unplugged.  This info can sometimes help if there is a device that has been forgotten about.  


The following two community topics may help as well...


Again regarding a Windows based computer, Glasswire is a good program for monitoring the data being used by the computer its installed on.  It's also free.  There is also a version for Android devices.  For other devices, there may be free apps available for them that can monitor their data usage, and some have built in programs/apps that can do this as well.


Lastly, if there is no one to use your HughesNet service when you aren't at home or even while you sleep, you can unplug the HughesNet modem (or turn of your power strip or surge protector).  No data can be used when the modem has no power.  I've unplugged mine since I first got HughesNet in Dec 2004.  


Hope this helps.  🙂

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Good morning Wendyrenee74, 


We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. Gabe's suggestions are great so I hope they've helped you too. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.




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