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More lies !!

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More lies !!

The original rep I spoke to lied to me about not being to get cable internet where I live. I was told ony satellite internet was available in my area. That was a lie! I do have access to cable internet. So I believed him and now Im stuck with extra slow, extra lousy internet. GREAT!!

So it is the reps fault and not yours for doing research?
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Don't know how a Hughes rep would have any knowledge of what's available in a particular area, things change quickly. A simple search or a look in the phone book should provide what is available.
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Well... To be fairly honest, it is upto the consumer to research their local options... Hughesnet is not obligated to tell you who all potentially services your area aside from them.
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"Hughesnet is not obligated to tell you who all potentially services your area aside from them."

Rather like walking into a GM dealership and asking about Ford Motor Company offerings.
You should even extend this to WISP's and frankly you have to be "local" to determine coverage areas.

Hi amyomarh,

Welcome and thanks for posting. The overall message of the previous posts should be kept in mind when researching before considering a contract. It's possible that whatever resource the sales rep used might not have been up to date. I actually tried a few different websites that list what ISPs are available and the results varied. The next best step would be to call the ISP directly to confirm whether that ISP does service your area, that is the only thing they can confirm with certainty.

Anyway, considering that you do have cable available in your area (congrats!), and that you have only been with us for 34 days, you may call us at 866.347.3292 and reference case number 102379361 to cancel without ETF.

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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