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Please let me know how much longer it will take to port my number. I will need to cancel my service with TWC in a few days and have been waiting for Hughesnet to port.
Distinguished Professor IV

The Hughesnet representatives will be back Monday at 9 am EST.  Have you tried the chat? There's a link on this site.
Assistant Professor

Have you contacted TWC? The slowdown could be on their end, and it can take 5-10 business days after you submit the request.

Hello pmichelle,

Welcome to our community! As BirdDog mentioned, it can take up to 10 business days to port your number, especially depending on the speed of your previous provider's processing for porting.  Let us know if it has been over that time frame and we'll take a look to make sure nothing went wrong.

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It has taken me about three months to finally get satellite internet and telephone.  The first month was spent talking to techs and reps (mainly to persons in the Philippines who spoke poor English).  I spent an average of an hour per day, mainly on hold, had three technical representatives come to my home, had a couple of equipment items replaced, and then began tacking the phone problem.  This took another month of talking to techs, mainly on hold and outside the United States, until I finally had some sort of telephone service. . .took another three weeks to have my telephone number "ported" over.  The entire process was VERY, VERY frustrating, but since we live in an area with basically no other service I could find, this was our only option.  The HughesNetService Department is extremely lacking in ability to help and answer questions.  It was not until I began posting on this sight that I began to get some results (mainly from/with Amanda (THANK YOU!).  Now I have adequate Internet and Phone service, and at this point, would recommend, if you are patient enough to get all the kinks worked out.