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My Caller ID lists a town 4.5 hours away

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My Caller ID lists a town 4.5 hours away

My caller ID lists a town over 4.5 hours and 240 miles away, so every time I call someone they think it's spam. Why on earth doesn't my name show, which is the name of the account holder??? Seems like common sense. And, there is nowhere for me to change/edit this. 

Help. Me. Fix. This.

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Are you using HughesNet Voice?

Yes, which is why the message is posted here

Distinguished Professor IV

Many people post questions about this who don't have HNV; hence the question.  The reps work M-F during business hours, and they typically reply within 48 hours. For faster service, call the 24/7 line.  




Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account and I will provide you with these details and look into why this may be happening. 



Distinguished Professor IV



Just in case, you can Private Message Damian by clicking on his name, then clicking "Send Message" on the upper right of his page.

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