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My Experiences With Tech Support

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My Experiences With Tech Support

I tried to set up parental controls on the WIFI-Modem. After 10 minutes of exploring and finding out you can set times for access for certain devices based on mac addresses, I then began to try to block access. There are many parameters that I need clarification on so I called tech support.

When you reach tech support and get someone that does not speak English fluently, there is an instant problem. First of all this "Advantaced Tech Suppport" person told me that I could not set up times that block access when I clearly could see that it IS possible. Then I find out that this guy can't even see the same options that I see. Waste of time and highly frustrating.

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Can you list the tree where you are finding these settings?  


I can see MAC addresses under Advanced Setup/Wireless/MAC Filtering Table, but I don't see anything for times, only the MAC addresses.   


Or is it where I listed, but as an option that becomes available after you add a MAC address?

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