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My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender

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My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender

We terminated our service with Windstream(land line and WIFY) because we were only getting 6g on our wify. We went to Hughes and were offered 25g service.  Our problems started then.  Our old Windstream service was a land line service where as Hughes was satalite service.  At that point we were unable to use our Verizon cell service inside the house. (our call were droping out).  We found out from Verizon that our network extender was not compatable with a satalite wify service.  If I had known that when I enroled with Hughes I woun't have enroled.  I was never informed of that.  I have been in contact with customer service, accounts people and tech services.  They all have told me that I will have to continue on my 2 years contract.  I don't feel that I should have to continue with Hughes and complete my 2 year contract. Why should I have to pay the $370.00 to cancell my contract when I was not informed at the start.  I asked before if they could send me info on Hughes Net.  They told me it wasn't available.  Can I CANCELL my account without paying the $370.00?????

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Re: My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender

Is there anyone that can HELP.???  What CAN I DO to fix this issue????   Or do I hope Hughes will say I can get out of the 2 year contract without paying all that money. 

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Re: My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender

Nothing that Hughesnet can do to help with your Verizon Cellular Network Extender not working with service... It's not because of the Wifi, it's because of the latency associated with all satellite internet services.  Verizon actually has a disclaimer about their network extender not being compatible with satellite based services...  The manual for the extender also has this disclaimer.  Below is a quote from @Amanda...


@Amanda wrote:



Just some helpful tips - usually cell providers will have an FAQ on their website that mentions compatiblity. Here are some helpful starting areas:


Sprint AIRWAVE booster/AP


T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot (minitower)



Verizon Network Extender










Re: My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender

I have the same problem.  I can't use my Verizon phone in our home and this is a problem because I work from home and need access to my phone for work calls.I also feel I wasn't told the truth because i specifically asked if this would work with my network extender and was told "no problem."  So my $300 network extender sits on a shelf and I am paying way too much for 20 GB.  I contacted the Federal Communications Commission and was given the run-around by HughesNet.  I just want my two years to be over.

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Re: My WIFY is not compatable with my Network entender


You may want to start your own topic, if it has been with in 90 days and you ordered directly through Hughesnet, I am sure that one of the moderators wouldn't mind listening to your call, however, if you have contacted the F.C.C, then your complaint will be handled via the proper channels with the F.C.C. instead of here.

It's stated in the manual, and on the Verizon website, that their equipment is NOT compatible with Satellite Internet services.