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My internet is still the worst


My internet is still the worst

Its been almost 2 months that my husband has posted regarding how bad our service is, the lady here has ben very patient with our issuies but the people on the other side dont seem to care how bad their service is. WE pay 120.00 a month and still have a problem with streaming hulu, netflix prime lol well anything realy. a new modem help nope dif beam nope . new sat nope lol weekends are realy bad there is no point to do anything online we just freeze up . Somedays its better on a rainy day how is that poss? Why cant I get good service?

 those comercials make me want to throw my tv out the window... REad disclaimer speeds may vary lol meaning bad all the time and worse than that somtimes. So call support none understand me and just go down their what to say list..... sorry mam I understand mam at least I think that what they are saying.. they dont care they are just blocking me. my husband post all the tech info and in the end all we get is maybe u should check another service????? were here??? come on thats saying u dont like it f off tyvm , I cant even load this page today and I sit and steam till I can type this thing which has made me more than mad. Do I not have better things to do? aparrently not


Re: My internet is still the worst

Have you tried turning off or pausing the video data saver?
Weather at your gateway (the place where you connect to the Internet via the satellite) may also cause issues. @GabeU can probably help you with discovering if that is an issue.

I will tag some HughesNet reps so that they can help:
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Re: My internet is still the worst

Good morning,


I appreciate your jumping in to offer assistance, infinitytec. I've already worked with this account for a very long time and have already provided options to them, so I will close this thread. 


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.