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My service it not working

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My service it not working

Need help on my service it cut out. It bluffs movies a lot and just not happy with it
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What do you mean by your service cut out?


With regard to movies buffering, how are you streaming them?   On what kind of device? 


Have you tried turning off, or snoozing, the Video Data Saver?  


Have you tried reducing the resolution of the streaming?  


Are you sure that you are not presently out of data and, therefore, subject to the Fair Access Policy (FAP)?  You can find out by looking at the HughesNet Usage Meter, or by signing into the HughesNet My Account site and clicking on the Usage tab.  You can also download the HughesNet Usage Meter from HughesNet My Account page in the link.  You dont' need to sign in to download the HughesNet Usage Meter.    

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Hi oyant,

Did the advice offered by Gabe above resolve your concerns? Please let us know if you still need further assistance or have any questions.

Thank you,