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Net speed got extremely slow

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Re: Net speed got extremely slow

Yep, the optimisation measures are still going on. Many things can impact your speeds, though. May want to start a log with, and also keep an eye on the state codes. 

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Re: Net speed got extremely slow



While your streaming/video (YouTube) watching may still be impacted, you shouldn't really be having the other problems your describing.  That you can't open Gmail and some notifications and can't even open your bank's website means what you're experiencing is worse than it should be, even under the current system load.  


As maratsade mentioned, I'd definitely keep an eye on it, as it shouldn't be like that.  I'd check your speed, and it may even be a good idea to get some screen shots.  And again, I'd install a web page load timer, as this can help to demonstrate what's going on as well.

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Re: Net speed got extremely slow

HugesNet is not good but I'm locked in untill November.  I want fiber optics here also.  I don't know if it will happen because population is not dence enough.  Oh well, it's not life and death just frustrating.  I'm retired and like to play cards online.  I get timed out and loose often.  Oh well...