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New HughesNet Mobile App...

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New HughesNet Mobile App...

Just a heads up to the reps...


I normally keep my 5Ghz WiFi disabled.  When I try the Self Diagnostic tool it shows that there is a problem and that attention is needed, giving me the phone number, but it's not saying why.  The reason in the 5Ghz WiFi being off and having a 14.2.2 State Code.  


The app not stating what the problem is could cause people like me to call, thinking there is something wrong.  I immediately figured that it was tied to the State Code, which I verified by enabling the 5Ghz band and running the test again, so it wasn't a problem for me, but others who have a WiFi band disabled might not know that.  


I know that it's not exactly easy to implement something like that, but for future versions it may be a good idea to not only say that there is a problem, but also to say what it actually is.

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Re: New HughesNet Mobile App...

Hi Gabe! Thanks for the heads up! I'll send this over to our app folks. 



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