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New service

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New service

We just got hughesnet with the gen 5 where they say it’s the “fastest “ thing around!! I will DISAGREE! I haven’t heard such bull in so long! I have to turn OFF my internet just to text a picture. If we want to watch a clip on Facebook you will be sitting there longer than the clip is running waiting for it to load!! We’re not even about to watch TV it is always catching up. The way we watch is turn Hughesnet OFF and put on the VERIZON mifi. It gets a better signal than this! Whenever I try to call into tech I never get a person because they disconnect before they answer!!
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Re: New service

  • Some sites and activities are not working for some people.  Sending pictures right now is slow. Ditto playing some games and streaming. 
  • HN is aware of this issue
  • The HN engineers are working to mitigate this as much as they can while maintaining essential access to subscribers
  • The issue may be partly external to HN
  • A deadly pandemic is affecting our country and the world. As a result of this, millions of people are working and learning from home, and straining ISP systems to capacity.
  • All of these users online at once will cause congestion, and you will not be able to do some things, even if your speed looks good
  • The issue is most noticeable to users of satellite internet, but it is affecting users of other ISPs as well
  • While terrestrial-based ISPs (such as cable) can add more capacity, satellite ISPs have finite capacity and can't add more without launching new satellites, a process that is very expensive and takes many months
  • Streaming is not working well for many people. The best thing to do about streaming right now is to avoid it.
  • These times call for all of us to show patience and strength in the face of chaos, and to shift our priorities.