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New to the HN community... beam 92 question

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New to the HN community... beam 92 question

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing sub 1mbp on the beam I'm on? Sometimes the upload is faster than the download.

I know I'm throttled. Throttled should be a max of 3mbps. The problem existed with similar speeds prior to being throttled.

Is there a fix in the works?


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Re: New to the HN community... beam 92 question



The latest info is that there are some things that the engineers and/or techs are presently trying, but what they are I have no idea, and I'm sure whatever it is that they are doing will be done on a "most affected first" basis.  


I wish I had a better answer for you.  

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Re: New to the HN community... beam 92 question

Thank you for the reply. As I've been reading many posts about general slowness network wide, I don't think I understand what the real issue is (maybe nobody does). I will say that when I signed up and for months afterwards, I consistently pulled 30+ mbps down and was very happy. However, a few weeks before the big outage I noticed a change. As a paying customer it seems that if Hughes just came right out and said something like "our Gen5 satellite was struck by space debris and is operating at reduced capacity until a repair is made ready" it would save all the negativity about what is otherwise a very good service. Whatever the issue is, it is recent (at least for beam 92) and I know I would stick with Hughes if I knew they were addressing an unforseen situation to the best of their abilities. Weekly updates from engineering would be appreciated.

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Re: New to the HN community... beam 92 question

I want to commend you on a well written response and comment addressing the current situation that a lot of us customers, myself included, have been experiencing with regards to slow download speeds.

I couldn't agree more with you in that HughesNet is probably creating more distrust and outrage by not publically acknowledging this as a  system wide issue and not being more transparent, at least publically, in their plans to remedy these ongoing issues.

It has been my experience over the years that when companies are upfront and honest about situations that are negatively impacting their overall service, it goes a long way in how customers react to the situation.


Like you, my HughesNet service over the years has been generally been good and it's one of the main reasons that I have chosen to ride this out with the hope that this current situation gets resolved, but a little transparency on the HughesNet side, would certainly be appreciated.