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No Internet for awhile now

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No Internet for awhile now

I have been out of internet service now since December 20th.


I'm getting tired of having to hot-spot my cellular and don't understand how this can last as long as it has.


Locally, everything seems fine.  I am able to connect to and the settings seem fine.

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When you go to this page, what do you see for a State Code in the System Summary box at the top?  Also, what is your Satellite Receive Signal Strength in the WAN Info box on the bottom left?  


Also, are you connnected to the modem via Ethernet cable or WiFi?  

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I get a "This site can't be reached" ... refused to connect message.


However, the page does load using  I am connected via ethernet.


I get the same results connecting wirelessly.


I am using a HT2000, my screen does not show me signal strength/status.  Nor can I connect to

Hello Victoria,

  I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear you have been without service for so long. Please see your private messages for further assistance.