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No connectivity in remote Alaska

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Re: No connectivity in remote Alaska

@sli-er_15 wrote:

You're very welcome. If the reboot and/or trying the turbopage teardown doesn't work, I would suggest that they see if excede covers their area. From what I heard it's a lot better than Hughesnet. It doesn't sound like they'll getany more support from Hughesnet if the above doesn't work.

I can assure you that the aforementioned competition has their own problems, as their support community demonstrates.  And when comparing the two communities, you'll not only notice a difference in the support provided, but also the collective knowledge of their respective members.  


No ISP is 100% reliable, and when problems come up they are worked on.  

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Re: No connectivity in remote Alaska

I understand that no ISP is 100% reliable, especially here in rural AK. Hughesnet is my 3rd ISP and possibly the last since it's the only option we have for any kind of internet in our part of Alaska.

From what I heard about Excede is that it has more data that one can use for the same amount of money spent on what we have now and that it is a lot faster than what Hughesnet is offering it's Alaskan customers. Hughesnet customer service has told me that they do not have any current plans to upgrade it's Alaskan customer's like they have with their customers in parts of Canada and lower 48 states, so we are basically stuck with the outdated HN7000S modems that have really low daily data caps. In this regard, Excede is a lot better than Hughesnet.


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Re: No connectivity in remote Alaska

Actually, Hughesnet is offering Gen5 service, but only in very select portions of Alaska...  It's rather difficult to provide service that far north... Alaska has I think a grand total of 5 beams which would cover a large chunk of the USA, however, due to the location, they become long narrow spots up there and can't cover as much land mass...