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No internet after power outage

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No internet after power outage

We had a power outage in our area. When the power returned, we cannot access the internet through our hughes net. Our unit is plugged into a protected power strip and there is power to the unit. All lights on the face of the unit are on except the TRANSMIT light. We have tried unplugging the unit from the wall multiple times and have left it unplugged anywhere from 1 minute to overnight. When i go to i have a red box in the connectivity status and it is unable to complete a connectivity test. 

Anyone have other advice? 

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There may very well be a problem with the modem.  You've already done what I would suggest (power cycling the modem).  The only other thing I would suggest is, at least temporarily, plugging the modem directly into a power outlet to see if it makes any difference, as strips/surge protectors can be damaged by power surges and the like.  It may not make any differences, but it should be tried.  


It's likely that the reps will want to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment, so it would be best to leave the modem plugged in (after trying it directly plugged into an outlet) so that they can do so.  I'll tag a couple of reps so that they will be sure to see this thread.




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After taking a look at the account, everything seems to be functioning normally. Are you still experiencing any connection issues?