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No service or slow service, Case # 116684451

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No service or slow service, Case # 116684451

Last few weeks service has slowed to useless on several occasions.  Many times the hughes system page won't load so I finally called instead of using my phone's unlimited service.  See case # above in subject.   When I do get to the system page we have the green dot but the data is showing gone, but go to the token page and it does not show exceeded.  Tonight I go to the regular support page to check usage and we are exceeded so I try to use a token, it will not let me.  So after some reading I try to download the staus meter which I deleted months ago because I use my phone's data and let the husband use hughes.  Well, the status meter won't dowload either, security cert is outdated, expired a couple weeks ago.  So my problems are ...

1- need to get a place where the tokens can be applied

2-need my system page to work correctly, show orange when we're exceed, etc.  It does show correctly from the support pages but most of the time they won't load anyway.

3-fix the speed so we (he) can use it.



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Hello Karen,

  Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. Based on your account I see you are on a) legacy equipment, the HN9000, and b) a legacy service plan. The daily download allowance plans were not particularly being upgraded since the release of our Gen4 service in 2012.

We do appreciate you being a customer for so long. We had just launched your service a year or so before you signed up, so you've really powered through on the plan you have. Today's web pages are different and that means your internet should be different. Your current plan converted into a monthly total, it is actually less than the lowest plan we offer on Gen5, this costs less than what you are paying now as well. This is comparable to people still using Windows XP, but most have upgraded to Windows 10.

I would like to go over upgrade options to see if you would be interested in any special offers.  Please let me know, and I'll send you a private message with what I think may work for you. Thanks, *Felicia*


It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.



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When was it that you tried to download the Status Meter?  I tried on Saturday and I was getting the same message, but it's working now.  If you are trying now, have you tried a different web browser?  I'm using Chrome.  


You can try this alternate link, but it may go to the same server, which may end up giving you the same error.  


Lastly, you can try this link, which is a download of the Status Meter from Drop Box that is supplied by CORROSIVE, who is one of the trusted regulars here.  Make sure to click "No thanks, continue to view" at the bottom of the popup box.  The link on his website is here (version 6.7.0).  


When you say "use" a token, do you have prepaid or free tokens available for usage, or are you referring to the ones you have to buy?  What do you see where the Use or Purchase buttons are?  Are they clickable or greyed out?  If they are clickable, and you had clicked on the one you wish, what message did it give you?


Regarding the speed issue, you'll have to be back out of FAP to address that, as running speed tests while in FAP won't give the needed info.  

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