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No signal

So I am on two weeks tonight and I have not been able to use it once for more than a few minutes. So tonight I unplug my modem completely from the wall and then ran both web response test and speed test and instead of telling me that my machine was off it told me it worked great. Now explain to me if the modem is not even on it could possibly be getting anything ? Also every time I run a speed test it is a different city? Is that normal?
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I'm a little confused.  So with the HughesNet modem unplugged you used another ISP and went to the HughesNet site and ran those two tests?  It's impossible to run those two tests without any internet, and with the HughesNet modem unplugged there must have been another form of internet being used in order to run those two tests.  Actually, to be honest, I didn't even know those two tests would run with another form of internet.    

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