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Not getting promised service


Re: Not getting promised service 


Hi Gabe,

I connected my PC directly to my modum and did manual testing with 25 and 4. I ran 30 minutes of tests at five minute intervals.  Above is the result.  I hope I did it correct this time as I am still so very frustrated. 



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Re: Not getting promised service



You did, and those speeds actually look pretty good, especially for this time of the evening.  It's too bad that the 1907Mbps result wasn't genuine (the test likely hiccuped).  Can you imagine a speed like that?  Smiley Tongue  


I'm sure this will help the reps to start figuring out what may be going on with the streaming issues and slow internet.  I'll tag Liz so that she'll be sure to see this thread. 


In the meantime, I don't know if one of the phone reps mentioned it, but turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver may help with the buffering.  This is especially the case if the streaming is being done in HD (high definition).  


Also, unfortunately, WiFi calling doesn't tend to work well with HughesNet.  The rep should not have told you that it did.  If it was the sales rep that said this, you may have recourse by asking for a sales call review.  The problems are the latency and the technology that HughesNet uses to help alleviate some of the problems associated with it.  They do offer their own Voice service, though.  



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Re: Not getting promised service

I also wanted to mention this, but in a separate reply so that it didn't muddy up the other.  


Just in case the buffering issue can't be fixed or fixed completely, you may want to look into PlayOn Cloud.  A few of us "regulars" on here use it, and it works well.  What happens is that your chosen item (movie or TV show) is streamed to PlayOn's cloud based DVR.  The item is then converted to an mp4 file, which you can then manually download via a link you get in your email, or automatically download via the PlayOn Cloud app to your iPhone or Android based device.  You can also schedule the download to one of those devices so that you can take advantage of the Bonus Zone data.  This way, you don't have to use any of your regular plan data for your streamed items.  


The advantages to PlayOn Cloud are that you can schedule the downloads, as mentioned, and the file is yours to keep.  There is also no buffering, as you're watching from a file that you've already fully downloaded, like if you're watching something from a DVD or BluRay.  You can watch it at any time on a device that can play mp4 files, and many devices today can.  Computers, tablets, your phone, or even a SmartTV.  I watch the items I've downloaded on my Smart TV directly from a USB flash drive connected to it.  I even back them up permanently to DVDs and/or Blu Rays, and my Blu Ray player can also play them. 


The main drawback to PlayOn Cloud is that it's not full HD, but the 720p it can record in looks great.  It can also record in standard definition.  I have my Netflix playback set to HD, and when PlayOn records it in 720p it looks nearly full HD to me.  There is small advantage to this, though, and that's that the files are only about 1.1GB per hour vs the 3GB or so per hour while HD streaming with Netflix in the normal fashion. 


PlayOn Cloud itself is free, but you buy recording credits, and it "costs" one credit per item, whether that item is a film or TV show.  After you sign up and buy your first credits, you sometimes see really good credit deals via email, like the one they had for Game of Thrones, which was 73 credits for $12, though you can use the credits for anything, not just what the deal is named for.   


Again, this is only an idea for an alternative way of streaming, but it's worked well for me for the last five months.  I didn't stream before this, and on the few occasions I tried in the evening it would sometimes buffer.  PlayOn Cloud opened up a whole new world to me, though a couple of times I've gone a little nuts with it and downloaded so much that I used all of my data, which I had never done up until I started using it.  It doesn't work with all streaming services, but it does with most of the big ones.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page you'll see which ones it works with.

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Re: Not getting promised service

Hello @VickyA,


Thank you for providing these speed test results. When running diagnostics, I also see similar speeds on our end as well. I checked for any underlying issues such as bad alignment or modem malfunctions and I was unable to detect an issue with the equipment. If it hasn't already been mentioned previously, I recommend manually lowering the resolution of the content you are watching. Medium or standard is the recommended resolution. You can do this on most streaming services websites. If you would like instructions on how to do this with Netflix, please let me know. @GabeU has also provided many techniques to stream/view content successfully and I do hope they help.