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Not satisfied at all.

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Not satisfied at all.

I have had Hughsnet for 2 months now. I have the 20 mb plan. First month was fine because we got the free extra data. I called Dish to see if I could bundle my sat with internet. The guy said your only option is Hughsnet. It suppose to be the fastest out there. I use to have A&t which their customer service sucks and my modem was always going out. So I try Hughsnet at $83.00 a month which is $50.00 more than I was paying for At&t. But I thought ok I will pay more for better internet. Even the guy on the phone said oh 20 mb should be plenty for you every month. Yeah right. 2 weeks in my second month guess what data ran out. We do stream alot of movies and thats it. We don't really game online. Just movies. My desktop has yet to connect to Hughsnet. I called customer service and still no help with connection to pc. I will just buy a 100 ft ethernet cable and connect it directly to the modem lol. Or I will buy a laptop. I was going upgrade to the 50 mb but they want $100 dollars a month. I don't think so when the one I have now doesn't work worth a crap. Also everytime it rains internet goes out. We have been getting so much rain here. Now I am stuck in a two year plan unless I pay a fine that I can not afford. Needless to say when my lease is up I will be going back to At&t as much I hate to. Sorry for the rant everyone but it just makes me mad when we spend money on something that doesn't meet your needs.
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Re: Not satisfied at all.



I am sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with service.  In many cases, 20GB is enough data for normal use, however, streaming videos online eats a large chunk of data.  If you are trying to stream a lot of movies and TV shows, you will want to set the resolution as low as humanly possible so that you can view more content.  Satellite Internet in it self, isn't a replacement for TV and DVD/Bluray rentals.  If you use Youtube and similar services, make sure to enable Video Data Saver, and that you set your players to Automatic for resolution.  Alternatively, you can disable Video Data Saver, and manually set each of your streaming services to a lower definition to help conserve your data allowance.

For instance, Netflix typically uses the following amounts of data
Low Definition - 300MB/hour
Medium - 700MB/hour
High Quality - 3GB/hour for HD, upto 7GB/hour for Ultra HD (2k and higher resolution)

If needed, and you do run out of data, you can buy more, it's $3 for 1GB worth.

As for your desktop, if it's located a fairly long distance from your HT2000w, you will need to either connect to the HT2000w over wifi using a Wireless NIC, or run your own network cable from the computer to your modem.  It is not the responsibility of the ISP to perform home networking beyond a few devices that are either wireless, or in the immediate area of your modem.

Just like Satellite TV, when it rains, yes, your service may go out, there's no way around this.