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Ongoing DNS Lookup Error HN9000S

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Ongoing DNS Lookup Error HN9000S

Same DNS issues as the below thread here for us as well, for maybe a month or two!

In IE it's a generic "server not found" blank page etc type message, in Firefox it directly says DNS lookup error.  This happens probably at least 50-100 times per day, sometimes not for 15-20 minutes, other times 5-10 times within a 5 minute window.

Time of day does not matter, it happens all day long, but if we had to say when it happens most often we'd probably guess in the evening

HTTPS seems to be less affected, but it also affects these pages too.  Disabling the turbo page doesn't seem to help, if it does the relief is too minimal to be considered as effective

It's not our modem, we tested without the modem directly connected to a PC, and we tested with 3 different modems (Netgear WNDR6100, WNDR3400V3, and WNDR4700).  HNS modem has been rebooted many times, and during the router testing we tested with old and new firmware in the routers, no change at all as expected due to the DNS issue persisting when connected directly to a PC with no modem.

Routers are set to get DNS automatically from ISP, manually setting to Hughes DNS servers changed nothing.

It has to be something they changed in the satellite service in the past month or two.

Staff, you can lookup our HNS account by the email attached to this user (@ Getsatisfaction login), thanks!  Or, our modem serial # is J7 111000146612820 G

We do not have any recent cases, no need to call as we know phone support does not help in these instances.  We've watched this discussed many times on the forum, but never ran into it ourselves.  We waited a month or so thinking it would clear up on it's own, as I've seen it do so on the forum threads "sometimes"  It's not fixing itself, so now we reach out to you for help.

We do not want an upgrade to Gen4 unless it's a free setup/install, with a similar priced monthly bill and no dial up speed FAP (ie SmartBrowsing is a must).  8-10 year loyal customer here!
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