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Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?


Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

So I have been using WinMTR to test my connection. The game techs suggested I use this after everything else has failed. I have problems staying connected to my online game since June 2017 when I first started a ticket on it. I cannot stay connected and get disconnected every few minutes. There has been nothing from engineering since this all began.

So I post this to you forum gurus to see what you think.



| WinMTR statistics |
| Host -                                % | Sent | Recv  | Best | Avrg | Wrst  | Last |
| -                    1 | 5092 | 5087 | 0       | 0      | 23     | 0      |
| -                1 | 5106 | 5105 | 0       | 0      |    32  |      0 |
| -                  1 | 5048 | 5034 | 520   | 587  | 4337 |  590 |
| -                    1 | 5064 | 5054 | 522   | 588  | 4187 | 594  |
| -                          3 | 4603 | 4475 | 0       | 588  | 1345 | 633  |
| No response from host - 100| 1024  | 0       | 0       | 0      | 0       | 0     |
| -                      2 | 4798 | 4720 | 526   | 590  | 3711  | 564 |
| -              10 | 3748 | 3405 | 566   | 627  | 1657  | 612 |
| -                  22 | 2731 | 2134 | 0       | 625  | 835    | 590 |
| -                  1 | 5037 | 5020 | 565   | 629  | 3959  | 644 |
WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

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Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

Don't know what some of those hops are, I get bad responses from some of them also, but if I ping the last one in both tables then I get a good reply. Your average for the last hop is in line with mine and normal for satellite latency.




Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

I was wondering about the spikes (I am fine with the avg, I know that latency will never been much lower). This is not an uncommon sight. I have these type of numbers everday, not once in a while. The ping hitting so high on hughesnet own system is not normal even for satellite.


The worst are showing :   Hughes Network Systems ping 4337     Hughes Network Systems ping 4187           Level 3 ping 1345       Level 3 ping 3711   Leaseweb USA ping 3959


Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

So my ping all over the place is normal? The pings running up to the 4k's is something happening to everyone?

Do anyone play any online games and have issues staying connected?

What is the problem with staying connected to online games?

I know for sure that many people are playing online games with no issues.

Why must I deal with this forever?


Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

jdayton, you know many satellite users that play online games with no issues?  Satellite is infamously bad for online gaming.  My pings are mostly consistent in the mid to upper 600s.  I've NEVER seen a ping in the thousands.


Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

I figured others play online games. I use to play with no problem until about a month after I received gen5 I could not stay connnected.

I am constantly getting disconnected, tried other games same thing.

So I was wondering why I am the only one having this problem or are there others.

It took so long to get speeds back to normal they all forgot about this problem.

This was my first problem brought up in may or june, which I had a ticket for.

Upgrade to Gen5 as soon as it came out, had Gen4 with no disconnect problems just slow.

They figured once the speeds got better, my connections problems would be resolved, but they are not.

I have been through the games support and did all there test and finally they had me use WintMTR, which shows ping, they stated I would need to take it up with my ISP that they cannot do anything.

I would be fine if my ping stayed average, without the spikes. 

The sad thing is I can use mudfish (game vpn) and stay connected for hours on hours, but slowwww, it also keeps my ping steady no spikes.

Anybodys knowledge would help.




Who knows if this is the issue, but I keep moving to the next issue.


Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

They should be substantially lower satellite runs 500-600 min a good signal should get that easy i just posted a resolve that worked for me should be at the top of tech forums ill see if i can tag you on my fix

Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

Hello friend I hope you’re ok, I contact you because I need help to fix my PING to play online and you would help a lot, please


Re: Ouch! My Ping. Is this normal?

Hi AuriSilva1611,


  I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. With satellite internet, your data has to travel a lot farther to get to the internet and back, so the ping is higher than compared with cable or DSL provided internet. We can't exactly move the satellite closer to Earth to decrease the ping. Smiley Happy



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