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Outlook 2007 will only work with email account


Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

I have been fighting this issue since Monday June 19 !!!


My main office computer - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Microsoft Office 2007… Fully updated and patched…


Suddenly after more than 2 years my MS Outlook stopped sending and receiving emails from any server other than (Error: 0x800CCC1A) I have multiple accounts at gmail. None of them will work with Outlook over my satellite service. I created a new account today at gmail. It will not work in Outlook yet I can access it through any web browser as I can with all of my other accounts. I created a new account at Yahoo mail. It will not work in Outlook, but  I can access it through the web browser as well. I set up my email account in Outlook and it works perfectly to both send and receive on this same computer using the same program as the ones that will not work.

I took my computers to a friend’s house this morning who has suddenlink internet service and all of my email accounts and programs worked without errors.

I have a second computer with Windows 7 Home 64 bit using Windows Live Mail with an email address at (error: 0x800CCC0F) It no longer works from my satellite service, but works perfectly at my friend’s house with  suddenlink internet service.

I cannot see how a Microsoft update could be causing the problem when it works fine when connected to suddenlink cable internet service, but will not work for any email server other than at my house.

I  installed Mozilla Thunderbird and it will not send or receive from any address other than the account as well. Neither Outlook nor Thunderbird can auto-detect the server settings from, gmail, or Yahoo.

I have checked and reset all of the accounts manually and verified via the web that all of the port and security settings are correct for each server. I disconnected my router and connected directly to the modem, and I still get the same errors. (As I said, all of my settings work perfectly if connect to another internet service other than my satellite.)

I have been working on computers since 1990, and I even ran my own computer repair shop for 10 years. I have never run into a problem like this that I could not fix until now.

I have spent most of today on the phone with tech support (4 calls, 2 of which I got disconnected from.) and all they can tell me is to try all the things I have already tried multiple times. This has gone beyond frustrating to the point I am ready to get rid of and find a different service if this cannot be resolved.

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Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

Roger, not trying to be a smart aleck but Outlook 2007, really? Who knows what the security protocol will do on modern satellite. You can't expect HughesNet to chase every problem with oudated software. I'd suggest updating your email client.


No differnet than XP  and Vista is no longer supported by most ISPs anymore when it comes to connection issues.


Why do you continue to want to use such an outdated email client?


Thunderbird and GMail detect and configure email just fine for me. Setup a new tablet today in fact with a HughesNet address and Gmail.


Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

BirdDog said: “Roger, not trying to be a smart aleck but Outlook 2007, really? Who knows what the security protocol will do on modern satellite. You can't expect HughesNet to chase every problem with outdated software. I'd suggest updating your email client.”


Wow… Really!!! Not a smart aleck at all, more like smart **bleep**!!! Are you supposed to be a professional? Your response is rude and un-professional. Not everyone can afford to run out and buy the latest and greatest new thing in cloud based software. And some, such as myself have no desire to use cloud services. I prefer that my correspondences be kept private and stored locally on my computer.


As I said in my first post, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Thunderbird. It would not detect the server settings. It would not work when I set it up manually using the settings supplied by Google. When I move my computer to another location with cable internet service everything works perfectly… Including my “outdated” software. And my “outdated” software works perfectly if I set it up to use a email address… What part of this sentence is tripping you up? Did you not also read the part about using Microsoft Live Mail on a completely different computer and that it will not work either? And yes I know Live Mail has been phased out also, but it worked fine until last week.


BirdDog said: “Setup a new tablet today in fact with a HughesNet address and Gmail.”


What does that even mean??? If you are an “Advanced Tutor” working for hughesnet then the world is surely doomed!!! So you are saying that has made changes to their servers, and that they will no longer support any software that is not the latest version available…

I don’t own a tablet of any brand, nor do I ever intend to get one. I use a phone that is dumber than a bag of rocks that makes phone calls and that is all I want it to do. I don’t own an “ i “ anything nor do I care to.

And just FYI… I will never upgrade or use Windows 10 either. I do not like the way it spies on everything you use your computer for and is constantly forwarding that data to Microsoft. My sister has a new laptop with Windows 10 and it is eating up her data even when it is supposedly shut down. The only way to stop it is to disconnect from the network before shutting it down. Explain that Mr. smart **bleep**!!!


I was thinking of upgrading to the new gen5 service, but now I think I will be discontinuing my service with hughesnet ASAP. And I will try my best to convince anyone I know to not use hughesnet either…


Thank you for your rude and non-helpful response !!!


Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

Oh... and I received an email in my "outdated" software from this forum to my address informing me of your response !!!

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Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account


Hi Roger,

I too have Outlook 2007 installed but I no longer use it due to it having a number of non-Hughes related issues.

I had replaced it long ago with Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is set to handle mail from not only my Hughes mail account but also my Hotmail ( and Gmail accounts.

Every now and again TBird may have a short term issue connecting to but a forced re-try usually works.


One thing to consider is that when connecting to non-Hughes accounts your email client (Thunderbird in this case) is connecting directly to THAT mail server and not relayed through any part of the Hughes mail delivery system. That is not to say there can't be any Hughes related issues however. Poor connectivity could cause "time-out" errors among other things.


Things got a little "funny" when Microsoft dropped "Live Mail" and went to the Outlook 360 route.


Windows Live Mail and Outlook Mail

Technical Level : Basic

The latest version of is called Outlook Mail, sometimes referred to as 'Outlook on the web'. This version is built on the Office 365 platform, which should bring some performance improvements, and there are several interface enhancements. Some details of the preview version have been given in this blog post: New ways to get more done in

However, the new version no longer supports the DeltaSync protocol which is the default configuration in Windows Live Mail for Microsoft email accounts (those @outlook, @hotmail, @live, @msn, @windowslive and any other free account with a mailbox at This means that other methods will be needed to synchronize mail folders and messages with the Outlook Mail servers. This article explains how to achieve this by using IMAP instead of the default HTTP configuration.

Keywords: "server error 3219", "error 0x8DE00005", "updating the calendar", "Outlook Email"


Most accounts have already been upgraded to the new version. The indications of this for the user are:




In terms of "ports", Hughesnet as only blocked one port ... port 25. That was done for security reasons.


Again, I found Outlook 2007 to be problematic but Thunderbird should work well.


I didn't pick up on how you were set up ... POP or IMAP. I have my Hotmail ( account as a POP and my Gmail as IMAP.

For comparison here are my TBird settings for

Outlook settings.PNG

I have no clue as to why yours will work when connected to cable and not with your Hughes connection. This will require futher digging.


Just before having TBird try to get mail, take a peek at the Modems SCC at and see if your connection has any active error codes.

One thing we can try is to disable Web Acceleration just before trying to get email so as to avoid a "time-out". Do you know how to toggle W/A?


What A/V program are you running?

Both Avast (both file and mail shields) and Norton have been known to "intercept" and reject mail transactions is some cases.






Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

Well, finally someone with at least a coherent response. Thank you !!!


I have tried repeatedly to get Thunderbird to connect to gmail and to yahoo mail to no avail.  I have tried both pop and imap with the same results. I have increased the timeout setting to the maximum. I get the same results. I cannot afford nor do I care for Microsoft’s newest software in anyway. And as I have stated too many times already, I am certain that there is nothing wrong with either of my computers.  I am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Microsoft Security Essentials. I even disabled the firewall in Windows as a test. That made no difference. When I received the message informing me of your response I received two copies of the same message time stamped with a 6 minute difference and a 2kb size difference in Outlook to my email address.


I have other things to do at the moment, but I will respond later with the other information you are requesting.

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Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account



Just a question.  Being that you have knowledge of computers and their systems, and even mention such in your original post, why in the world would you trust your computer to something like Microsoft Security Essentials?  There are quite a few free programs out there that will provide considerably better protection than Security Essentials, and if you do anything that includes sensitive info, I would really think about looking for something better.    


Secondly, regarding a double mailing of a reply notice, it's possible that Gwalk edited something small.  Sometimes, when someone makes an edit to their post, it will resend the notice.  

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Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

I do not trust my computer to Microsoft Security Essentials. I trust my computers to ME. If I suspect issues that may be caused by intrusive software or malware or viruses, I run rootkit scanners and malware scanners and if I don't feel that an issue is resolved I will pull the hard drive and connect it to a know un-infected computer that is not connected the internet and rescan it there. I do not use my computer for any kind of sensitive information transfer. I have used MSE since it was released and I have had no issues whatsoever with any computer i have used it on. I have had to repair computers because of problems caused by Norton, McAfee, and many other security programs. So... I do not trust them any more than I trust MSE. And yes, I have used Avast, AVG, and several others and found them to be no better only more intrusive in the system resources.


Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

I have looked at the modem. The self diagnostics reports no problems. Status indicates all green checks with no errors. Diagnostic code is: 0000-0000-0000-0005.


I have re-installed the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird. It will detect and setup my email account with no errors. If I try to enter one of my gmail accounts Thunderbird is automatically setting the server to imap with SSL enabled, and I get an error stating that my username or password is invalid. If I open my web browser and login to the same gmail account I have no problem. I get the same issue even with a new gmail account that I created just for a test. I get the exact same error when I try to add a yahoo email account that I just created to test.


"Do you know how to toggle W/A?" I am not sure what this refers to. Are you referring to a setting in the Thunderbird program on in the modem settings?


Is it possible that my router or modem could somehow be infected with some sort of malicious bug? All of these problems began after I received an email from someone I do not know from New York regarding a part that I had posted on a web forum. It was an attached pdf drawing of the part along with a text message that read "sent from my i-phone".

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Re: Outlook 2007 will only work with email account

Hi Roger,

There is nothing that could have been changed in the Modem and there is nothing likely router related.

There are some router vulnerabilities  notably in Netgear, Cisco and Linksys  routers that have Bennett patched  by firmware updates but nothing like you are experiencing.

Additionally  all Hughes users are behind a CGN  NAT  server so you really do not have a public facing  IP  address so I think you are good there.


Disabling Web Acceleration  is done from inside the Modems internal  advanced pages. I'm at work at moment so I can't post screenshots as yet.

Perhaps @BirdDog or @corrosive will get these tags and post instructions.