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Over all! The speed for years has been nothing close to what we pay for.

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Over all! The speed for years has been nothing close to what we pay for.

My bill jumped up to $100 a month to get better speeds and more download and I see no improvement after many tech.
support calls. We don’t usually hit our download quote as all our complaints are about the speed.  During the week I do work at home for 911 Law, Fire, EMS system support and my wife is a teacher trying to do work evenings or weekends and though I somewhat get by daily during the normal work week after hours or weekends it sucks to wait 3-5 minutes just to access a web site (download speed drops to like 1.x Mbps or even less).  I do check the download allowance and these ongoing slow times have nothing to do with exceeding our download limit, To: Hughes - I have another provider installing in parallel this Friday/Monday so I can test both to see what option for us is working best for speed daytime, evenings, and weekends. Kind of know who will win.

Hello 1971mach1,

Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us. I was able to locate your account and review the recent notes. From what I am seeing, you let our support agent know that you use a VPN. If so, please know that this is not something recommended to be used over any satellite internet connection due to latency.

I do also see that from a series of tests there was some definitive results that came of one of your calls. Below is a screenshot of an agent's notes from your call to us on 2/14 (case: 102708997). At this point we do recommend reaching out to Netgear and finding out what sort of advice they can offer.

(click to enlarge)

Thank you
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