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Since the lines are busy, it would be nice if HughesNet addressed the down server issue on Twitter or any other social media site. New to HughesNet and am dissapointed in the lack of support options.
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Pretty sure AT&T, Comcast nor any other ISP does that.

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Seeing as most customers don't have internet right now... How would they check social media?  That aside, Hughesnet has made an announcement.


Most people have cell phones with a data plan that is how Corrosive. If this was posted on twitter I would have found out 30 minutes ago this was the issue.

Most people that live in rural areas are lucky to get a signal strong enough for browsing the internet.  That aside, if one has internet access and issues, the best place to check for the most up to date information is always here at the Community.

@chrisjeanette wrote:
Most people have cell phones with a data plan that is how Corrosive. If this was posted on twitter I would have found out 30 minutes ago this was the issue.

I'm not aware of any ISP's that post outages on Twitter or other social media. Please prove me wrong if I am.

What is your point. It would be nice to put that information out on any outlet you have to get the word out to your customers is my point. Im not going to go do research on comcast, charter, direct tv, etc to see if they have ever alerted there customers of an outage. I will tell you when I had charter you could call there 1-800 number and they would notify you of an outage. When you try and call hughesnet its either a busy tone or keeps ringing.

Also just because other ISPs are not doing it doesn't mean you shouldn't.

For those that don't think people use twitter for part of there info do a quick search for hughesnet down and see what comes up. Alot of people sending messages to hughesnet twitter account

They could've let us know with an automated phone call, text, email, etc  - we have to have a phone number and an email address for the account. They could've had a recorded message for when people call, too. I know Comcast does that for the account at my other house.


There is no excuse for how poorly this has been handled.

I agree completely. Enough with the bs excuses and start acting like a real company.

Jesus christ, what are you people smoking?

The bird has been down just over 2 hours now, it's a holiday, and to top it off, the PR is probably out of the office right now.  I swear, nothing but spoiled by McDonalds like mentality.

It takes time to change the phone system to direct to an automated "sorry, something broke", and sending out mass phone calls... LOL, that's comical, over a million subscribers, yeup, they would be blocked by the phone companies then.

Give me a break dude. Enough is enough. All we are saying is they should have a better system in place. If you have over a million customers a holiday should not keep you from some sort of notification. Don't act like it's the end of the world that we complain a little about being notified of these things. We pay alot of money for this service. If it was free then I wouldn't say anything.

Its like they are hiding from thier customers

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No, it's called a Holiday, and this forum is staffed by corporate level employees that would have the day/night off. Chances are it will take more than an hour for them to get to the office if the company thinks they need to come in.


Hi CammySandy,


We are very sorry for any inconvenience. Our official support Twitter does have the same updates I have been posting here. Our handle is @AskHughes


We will continue to post updates as we receive them.

Thank you,


Thanks Amanda for the heads up. It's good to know that this exists.

Does anyone have any new information, on when this will be fixed? I haven't seen any new posts in a while.

Sorry, haven't seen any new updates

Not having an open customer support when it's listed as 24/7 is the last straw. Not that I've ever once had more than 500KB/sec on upload speeds anyways. I will be switching from Hughes Net ASAP.

Hughesnet just annouced service should be restored in a few hours!