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Painfully slow internet.

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Painfully slow internet.

Painfully slow internet. I have called in two different times and had to do the speed testing both times that took over an hour. Finally get forwarded to advanced support and I have to be home to talk to them. My speeds when I am on (primarily at night) are always less than 3 Mbps. I can't video stream whatsoever. I know the internet works pretty well during the daytime. But that does me no good if I am not home wanting to use it. This is way too much money for internet that essentially cannot be used. Is it time to just walk away from it?
New Member

I agree.  I am currently shopping around for other providers.  SOOOO slow when we want to use it. That would be when we are home in the evening.  They tell me it is faster from like 4am to 8 am. ---
Who would use the internet at that time of the morning ???  Have been so unhappy with this service.
New Member

Kind of defeats the purpose of having internet...

Hello Tom,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear of your experience with us thus far. But you are in the right place. What we can do here is escalate your case directly to our engineers. Before we go there, we will need more recent speed tests. It's just apart of the process. Based off of your case notes, the previous tests were done around the same time of the month in September. We would like to see a well rounded batch of tests throughout the day, for a few days before escalating. Head over to I recommend creating an account there before running more tests. That way all you'll have to do is post your unique link which will show us all tests run from now on. 

So run a batch of tests in the morning, maybe 5 minutes apart. Same for afternoon  and night. I'm confident we can resolve this for you. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated. 

Thank you,
New Member

I agree -- hughes net severely impacts my use of the internet.  I have had to reduce my internet usage to browsing websites and email.  Have cut phone internet usage, netflix, and pandora.  My recommendation is to get out of hughes net and find an alternative solution if available.   Unfortunately, in terms of satellite internet hughes net is the only real option.
Assistant Professor

If you have ground based cable or WISP you should not choose satellite. That is the honest recommendation. Satellite internet is for those of us with no other internet options except dial-up, very slow older generations of DSL and very expensive cell phone data plans.

Satellite internet is not a replacement for satellite TV and cable internet streaming.
New Member

I can no longer continue to use my time to do all of this speed testing and over the phone troubleshooting to prove how slow my internet is. I know you guys are aware of the issue. If there is nothing you can do I would rather discontinue my service. I am not being provided $100 of service each month. 

If you could please let me know who to talk to in order to cancel my service, that would be appreciated.

While I understand you are frustrated and tired of doing speed test, you are dealing with the corporate office now. They do have to tools and ability to fix your issue, unlike tier 1. Create a account and run the test. If you feel you are using to much data doing this then ask for tokens. It can't hurt and I have seen them send a few to the testers to accommodate the test being run. I feel you will not get the run around from the corporate mods. here and there will be no further phone troubleshooting most likely. They do a very good job at resolving the problems. If you continue to want to cancel then you have to call into the customer support number to cancel. That should be the same number you called for support.

Hi tom,

I'm sorry to hear you no longer want to continue troubleshooting, and I understand your frustration. Although this is satellite internet, it is constantly being worked on and managed. What you experienced a month ago is not data that will help our engineers in fixing what is happening now. If you're really considering cancelling the service. You can simply call in and request to cancel, we're not trying to hold anyone hostage. 1-866-347-3292

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