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Phone Calls Dropping and Inability to Stream

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Re: Phone Calls Dropping and Inability to Stream



If you choose to keep going with the troubleshooting...


This is the link the reps will need...   That way they can not only view each test individually, but as a whole.  


With this said, going forward, please use the 25MB file size for download tests and the 4MB file size for upload tests.  You can choose those sizes with the scheduled testing.  The consistency helps the reps see patterns and it also ensures that the tests run "long" enough.   You can set it up like the following, though the testing frequency is up to you. 




They'll likely be able to use remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment to see what's causing the connection interruptions, as in whether the modem is actually losing its connection to the satellite or if it's something having to do with the net itself, or even a cause other than those.  Whatever the case, something's going on, that's for sure.  


If you do decide to cancel, though, that's understandable.  And you're very welcome for the help.  I just wish it could be fixed for you.  However, even if they do get the general disconnection and phone issues fixed, the streaming may very well still be a problem with the current system load, so at the end of the day it still may not be what you need.  PlayOn Cloud can get around that for a lot of things, but I know that for some things that may not really be a viable option (like for streaming something live).  Smiley Sad

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Re: Phone Calls Dropping and Inability to Stream

Dear GabeU,


Thank you again, I set up the test properly this time at 25 for download and 4 for upload and put it on 3 hr intervals.  Thank you for the advice.