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Phone Service-How Long to Actually Connect

New Member

Phone Service-How Long to Actually Connect

I ordered telephone service today 10/18 to work in conjunction with my sat dish in the Colorado mountains. I will not be at the mountain home until the end of November. I need the phone service activated immediately upon my connecting the Hughes phone service equipment. How long will it take to actually have phone service? Same day the equipment is connected? In a few days? I asked that the Hughes telephone equipment be shipped to my caretaker in Denver but the less than helpful customer servie reps said they could not change the address. If the equipment could be shipped to Denver, the phone would be up and running when I arrive at the end of November. Probably the poorest customer service I ever experienced. Can I get the equipment shipped to Denver if the actual connection is not same day?

Re: Phone Service-How Long to Actually Connect

Hi Jack,

Welcome and thanks for posting. As long as some one is there to receive the analog telephone adapter (ATA), they can set up and activate the HughesNet Voice service, which should take about 20 minutes or so.

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