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Phone support & slow internet


Phone support & slow internet

Well , first I started typing my subject and so many auto popups came up about slow internet , which tells me my post is probably futal. 


I went from 14 mb to 4 in one night, I really didnt feel I did much to cause such usage to go so quickly. So today I notice a TOTAL INCREASE in slow internet.. so I paid $30 to add TOKENS to my account and it did nothing to change my speed.  I thought I would call tech support .. 9:09pm. 

I know its a holiday weekend. .. I feel sorry for those working.

Its now 9:45 pm and I finally get ahold of someone.



Wish me luck.


Re: Phone support & slow internet

Okay.. the phone just got disconnected and I have to start again.. I am literarly crying now.

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Re: Phone support & slow internet



You may need to activate the tokens you purchased for them to be able to be utilized.  You can do so by signing into , clicking on Usage, then on the Usage page click on "Buy Tokens" on the lower right.  You'll get a popup, and in that popup it should show a blue "Use" button next to the tokens you purchased.  Click on that button to add the tokens to your Token "bucket".  Then, when out of data, the tokens will automatically be utilized.  


As for the data usage, there are many things on a system that can utilize data, including when they are seemingly "off".  


The following thread may help in stopping that data usage.

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