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Poor, VERY poor speed

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Poor, VERY poor speed

We had upgraded to GEN4 some years ago and were pretty happy with the speed improvement from the prior offering. Over the last few months, noticing a deep speed reduction, actually terrible, we decided again to upgrade for better speeds as promoted on TV, but also we were buying a lot of tokens..

After the upgrade to GEN5, speed remained very poor.

Ok,, call into support and after some testing and on the phone for 1:45,, seemed a HN issue and not us. We we’re then scheduled/inline for a connect with engineering. More testing took place, equipment issolation, and it looks like the issue IS NOT with us, and as many others seem to suffer a problem on HN side, and/or equipment.

Our ‘best’ speeds seen hover around 1.7mbs download, generally much lower in to the hundreds of kbps or less.. 99% below the nation average...

Engineeering offered us a rate reduction (30.00 month) for 6 months,, hopefully a fix in that time span, which in itself is pretty disappointing knowing that a fix isn’t quickly forthcoming, if at all.

So,, engineering rep transferred me to Billing to see about a reduced rate offer given they can’t provide what was promised. Billing said,, SORRY, we can not reduce a rate (even after checking with a supervisor) and we’ll have to pay full price for the poor substandard speeds. I was told though, that I could have our account canceled at a reduced price/fee!!! Really!?

Are you kidding me!? Full pricing for a 99% slower than the average speeds!

We live in an area that services like HN are few, my hope would be that a fix is coming, if not, I’m more than surprised that HN had no offer of help for a customer of more than 8 years..


VERY bad HN customer help, so disappointed....

New Poster

Just ran a series of speed test


210-273kbps or less.. These speeds are on active Anytime Data. I ran them at 25Mb sizes, and the standard test option..

As stated above, all equipment was issolated, laptop LAN connected. Speeds remained low..

We use our AT&T hotspots more now,, almost exclusively,  but seem to be losing a lot of HN data as well.. 

I'll run the data draw test, but are speeds are consistant,, poor..




you are not the only 1 having speed problems .  i have had the same problem for the last 6 so mounths also,  and i have called in about this 3 times know and still not up to the 25 meg that i  am paying for!!

good luck and keep calling !!

Hello Robert,

  Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for all the frustration with the service. Please see your private messages for further assistance.



Thanks for the assistance and timely response, Felicia..