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Poor speeds. Poor service. No answers. Contact Hughes on Twitter

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Poor speeds. Poor service. No answers. Contact Hughes on Twitter

Although this community strives to help us. It is not working. Many problems are still coming in and there is no relief in sight.


I suggest that we use Twitter and slam Hughes with our concerns. Contact @AskHughes and @Hughes_Corp (which is accepting awards for their services). Also @HughesNet.


We know what the problems are and are paying and waiting for results.


We are the only ones that can make them do something. If we use social media and force them to do something and our followers and their followers etc, perhaps changes will be made.


Enough is enough.

New Poster

Don't expect for Hughes Net to resolve your issue. I have been having serious download speed issues between the hours of 7pm and 11pm. There answer each time is to talk with there tech support and go through a hour long check list. Nothing is ever resolved. The bottom line is that they fully know that they can't handle the amount of traffic on there satellite in the evening hours. False advertising there speed and dependability is what they do
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