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Printing Invoices


Printing Invoices

When I try to print an invoice from Chrome or from IE 11, it comes out all garbled up - as in, the frames for the invoice are there but no real data. And then the invoice list is thrown on top. I tried printing to printer and to xps file so it's printer independent. I am able to get a good invoice using Firefox. If support needs a copy of what is happening I can send the xps files.


Just an FYI for the people trying to print invoices. Oh and if you print to Microsoft XPS (or PDF) format instead of printer, it will save to a file that will allow you to print just 1 page without all the blank pages that get thrown in.


Re: Printing Invoices

Hi M_,


Thanks for sharing, I certainly want to let our developers know for them to address. Can you please send us a copy of this garbled invoice? You may e-mail it to


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