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Problem with WIFI connecting ~ Phone or Laptop will not connect wirelessly

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Problem with WIFI connecting ~ Phone or Laptop will not connect wirelessly

My wifi isn't working today... laptop won't connect, when I try to connect to it via my phone (Iphone6 plus) it asks me for a password. I enter the password and it asks me for it again. No, I haven't changed my password. 

I connected the modem directly to my laptop and works fine. desktop that is wired to my router works fine ( I'm using it now). However, no wifi connections will work. 

Nothings changed, I haven't changed anything or done anything different. Just noticed it today. 

The router I have is the ORIGINAL (netgear) one provided to me when I first got Hughes Net service in 2010. I upgraded to gen4 a few years ago and they said I didn't need a new router. 

Please help. This is very frustrating. I don't know why all of a sudden the wifi doesn't work. 


Hello Leona

Are you able to log in to the page for your Netgear router? Usually you can type in "" into your browser and it will take you there. If you can get in, I recommend double checking your password and Wi-Fi name are correct. You may want to consider doing a factory reset on the router too. Hopefully the wireless card on it is not giving up 🙂 Let me know what you find out

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it's asking me for a username and password that I do not have. 
Honorary Alumnus

The default username and password for most Netgear routers is as follows:

Username for all models: admin

Password for current models: password