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Problems with MMS and also Chromecast WiFi

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Problems with MMS and also Chromecast WiFi

I own a self-sustaining off-grid ranch located in the mountains of rural Montana.  There are no services available, including mobile phone service (we run on generators and solar power).  When I got my Gen 5 system installed last July, everything worked perfectly.  I had no problem using "Phone Over Wifi" for all my mobile phone needs, and I could download Netflix videos onto my phone when I was in town and then cast them to my Chromecast when I got home (to save data usage instead of streaming).  A few months ago, the Chromecast stopped working with HughesNet.  I can take the Chromecast into town and log it into another internet service and it functions just fine, but when I go back to my cabin on HughesNet it stops working.  I contacted the manufacturer (Google) and they instructed me to have my ISP turn off IP6.  I attempted to do this but I cannot seem to communicate with your CSRs.  English is clearly their second language (I've called several times about this already) and they cannot seem to understand that I need IP6 turned off your your end (not an option in the Chromecast setup).  While I understand the benefits to off-shore outsourcing, we can't even communicate due to language barrier.


In addition, over the past two weeks, MMS messages aren't going through on Phone Over Wifi.  My Phone Over Wifi still works (Android and Apple...although it comes and goes) but MMS picture messages just say "Sending" until eventually timing out.  Sometimes if I attempt to send as soon as I reboot my model them will go through but it isn't reliable at all.

What changed?  Why are my services suddenly not working anymore?  The technician didn't utilize a signal meter when he installed my satellite; is it possible that it's a signal issue or something else?  Your service offered me modern conveniences that I didn't previously have, but now one by one they are not working anymore.  Please help.

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This is only concerning the "phone over WiFi" (aka WiFi calling) and the various things it's used for....


Unfortunately, phone over WiFi isn't supported with HughesNet.  Sometimes it works, like you've discovered, but the things that often causes it not to, which are the high latency and satellite dependent technologies used to make HughesNet work, may be affecting your MMS.  Why it worked before and not for the last two weeks I have no clue.  


Hopefully someone may have something you can try, but, unfortunately, there are no guarantees.  😞  


Regarding Chromecast, I'm not at all familiar with it, so I don't have any advice, though I'm sure someone will.  With that said, I don't believe HughesNet can turn off IPv6 for individuals.  

Hello and thanks for the response.  I can understand the limitations of the system.  What I don't understand is why things that used to work have quit working.  Either my equipment is somehow going bad, or HughesNet is changing things on their end.  My contract with HughesNet expires next month and I really don't want to switch to Wild Blue but other people who I know that have it have no problem with MMS messages or Chromecast.  I just want someone from HughesNet Technical Support who speaks English as a first language to assist in providing answers to why my service is changing and what I can do about it.

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I'm going to tag two of the Hughesnet reps who work here; they may be able to help.




Hello LostinMT, after running a diagnostic on your system I was able to see nothing that has changed software wise. Have you by chance run a connectivity test on your phone to the modem to see if it's losing the connection or as we call it "Packets"? You run the test by going to, on the left-hand side there is the connectivity test and the built-in self-test, please run both and let me know the results. 

Thanks much for responding. I'm currently out of town and will be until Friday so I'll check when I go home.

Thanks again.