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The purpose of this email is to emphasize my situation to others who may fall into this circumstance. I have been a Hughes net customer since 2007. I recently decided to buy the OOMA TELO and handset. Upon connection and activation, I have experienced extremely poor phone quality so much so that the OOMA TELO is unusable. After speaking to a OOMA representative they told me the origin of my problem is with my ISP (HUGHESNET). The PING test revealed a jitter value of 275ms. Acceptable value is 0-5ms. They advised me to call HUGHESNET. I spoke to a HUGHESNET representative about this situation and she was upfront with telling me that third party VoIP systems will not work with HUGHESNET and will drain bandwidth while in use. Before purchasing OOMA I specifically asked if my ISP (SAT) HUGHESNET would be a problem with voice quality and use of my bandwidth, I was told there should be no problems. The information provided by OOMA has proven to be in error. HUGHESNET customers who have a desire to use VoIP service should be made aware that OOMA is not usable with HUGHESNET. I am now left with no home line after being with AT&T for many years. Since I have decided to purchase HUGHESNET VoIP equipment which is compatible with HUGHESNET and does not drain my Bandwidth while in use.

I need a HUGHESNET professional representative to advise OOMA that there product is not compatible for potential buyers who have HUGHESNET as there ISP.

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HughesNet only supports their own VoIP. What OOMA  told you is really not HughesNet problem, honest input.

Like asking Comcast to get involved with a Verizon problem.
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If you go onto OOMA'S site and go to support and type in Satellite Internet  this is what comes up. If Oomas knows that it won't work with high pings. Then they should say that.

Can I use the Ooma system with a wireless or satellite Internet service?
The Ooma Hub device has been designed to work with a wired high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL, cable, or fiber-optic). While we have a number of customers who have used the Ooma system with a wireless Internet connection, we cannot guarantee the performance will be quite as good. Please note that you can still use a Wi-Fi network in your home. For more home set-up information, please refer to the product documentation.

Hi idesha,

Thank you for bringing this up. Companies like OOMA and Vonage should already be aware that their services do not work with our systems very well, it could just be that you spoke with a new or representative that was not knowledgeable in that area. Judging by the information that Gokartergo posted above, I'd say OOMA is pretty aware people have complained about using them with satellite service before, but may not be very good at having that discussion with customers. 

However, we're glad to hear that our agent gave you proper information. Remember, the community is a great place to come if you have questions like this or if you have any questions or concerns about your new HughesNet voice service.