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Radian Telecom work VOIP phone and 2X software

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Radian Telecom work VOIP phone and 2X software

I have the ability to work from home and live in the country so my options for internet are limited. I had CenturyLink and they didn't offer any plans that had any speed at all, which is why I switched. 

I can't use my Radian Telecom VOIP phone and the 2X software is so sluggish. I can't run a speed test even after installing Java. I am hoping another provider can provide some relief. I pay $120 per month and am not getting my money's worth. Tech support seems to be sold out to overseas and is very difficult to work with. Any suggestions?
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Re: Radian Telecom work VOIP phone and 2X software

First off look at your modems internal SCC at to make sure you are not in FAP or have any active error codes

The icons at top center both need to be green:

Third party VOIP services likely will not work well with Hughesnet due to the latency inherent in a satellite connection although Hughes has its own house brand of VOIP that is optimized for that and does not use your data allowance.

The 2x software ? Are you connecting to a VPN?

If so, VPN is not a supported function mainly again due the latency.

If it connects at all you can expect speeds to be reduced by as much as 70%.

As to running a speed test, use the 12 MB manual speed test at

Post the results here or create an account on testmy and post a link to your save results.

In order to verify baseline system performance do the tests while connected directly to the modem.

There are a number of internal router settings that could affect the results.


Re: Radian Telecom work VOIP phone and 2X software

Hi gleffler,

This isn't an "official" speed test but my results are very similar, and this one was quick to access.

If you'll work with the Champions, Reps and others helping here, HN will provide the speed you're looking for.


Re: Radian Telecom work VOIP phone and 2X software

Hi Gleffler

We really could not have said it any better than Gwalk did right above me here. He's hit the nail on the head. Could you take a look at his post and let us know your response? Also, if you have a recent case number or the serial number on your modem, I can look up your account and create a community case for you.

Thank you