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Remote Cabin - No Internet - What can we check to restore service

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Remote Cabin - No Internet - What can we check to restore service

We have a remote cabin in Central Colorado.  The Interent has been down since February 12th.  HughesNet cannot get us any help until July 22nd.  Our vacation is over on the 27th.  We cannot stay at our cabin without Internet.  It is almost half an hour drive to get to a telephone.  (Location:  St. Elmo, Colorado)  What can we do or check, to help get the system back on.  No one has access to our cabin.  But people have looked at the disk and turned off the power for five minutes.  We live in Oklahoma City.  It is a 600 mile drive to get there.


I appreciate any help.  Apparently, I can pull the error codes off the modem. Then drive to Buena Vista and report them to HughesNet.  The people at HudghesNet are very nice and try to help.  


Yes, looking forward to the Mountains.



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Unfortunately, without knowing what could be causing the problem, to give advice on what to do is very difficult.  About the only thing you can do is to check the state code, like you mentioned.  To find it, while connected to the HughesNet modem, preferably with a LAN cable connected device, go to, then click on System Status at the top of the page.  You'll see the State Code, and a description of what it means, listed in the System Summary box at the top of the page.  


You can also find a list of all of the State Codes produced since the last time the modem was plugged in.  To find them, again go to the System Control Center at the same address, the click on the little i to the upper right.  I can be quite hard to see, so I'll include a picture of where it is below (red arrow pointed at it).  Then, after you click on the i, click on General on the left, then State Code Monitor.  Then hover your pointer over the State Codes you see to get a small description of what they mean.  


You should also view the Satellite Receive Signal Strength on the System Control Center page where you looked at the first State Code.  It's further down the page, in the WAN Info box.  If it's lower than 60 or so, it probably indicates that you either have an aiming issue, or foliage has grown up to block out the signal.  The threshold can vary with the strength, so 60 is really just an average of when it might indicate a problem.   


The description of the State Code(s) may give you an idea of what's going on, but it can also be of the type that needs to be deciphered by a rep. 


Unfortunately, it may very well be that either a tech needs to visit to get it fixed, or a rep needs to be able to remote access the modem to be able to see what may be going on, or both.  And, of course, with the situation being what it is, that would be difficult.  😞  



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