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Remote Desktop complete failure with Business Gen 5

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Remote Desktop complete failure with Business Gen 5



I just switched from Gen5 Residential to Gen5 Business in order to get a static IP address, which on it's works fine.


However, I am now no longer able to connect to remote server using Remote Desktop. When I try any server, it fails, with the standard RDP message "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer ......"

This was working fine with Gen5 Residential, but not with the business modem.

This is not a firewall issue. I have checked that with one server, and the firewall clearly accepts my IP address, per the firewall logs. Some other server are not behind a firewall, but the result is the same.


Stranger yet, when I connect to VPN and then try to connect to the same servers using RDP, it works just fine, but VPN makes it slow, which is why I need to be able to connect directly.


Anybody else have this issue ? Is there anyone with a Business account, not having RDP issues (to external servers that is.) ? Any special settings I need ?


I have called Support, but they do not have a solution as of yet.


Hello kraan64,


Welcome to our community! While on a call with our engineering groups this morning we learned that you have an open ticket with our NOC which is under investigation. They have some data they'd like you to gather to move forward. I will send you a private message with more details.


Thank you,


Hi Everyone,


due to excellent support from their Support Engineer as well as their NOC, the issue was solved yesterday. I don't have the specifics as to what the issue was, but fact is, everything is working as it should, which is great.





I am happy to hear that! Our engineers are going to thoroughly check all our network to make sure this problem does not exist elsewhere. Happy Holidays!