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Remote Monitoring

I have an off-grid system at my camp. The system has the ability to send me email updates through a comunications box. I need to set this up with my hughsnet ht2000w system and need to know what email server port to use? Also need to know if the email server uses SSL or TSL password encryption?


Associate Professor

Depending on how the email system is setup, this may not be possible...  If the box is running a mail server it self, then you won't be able to send anything out as email servers almost explicitly require port 25 to operate and Hughesnet has blocked port 25, as have most other internet providers.

What options are present on the page that you setup the email service?

The device allows me to select the email server port. It also allows email authentication.

Associate Professor

Well, what email service was you planning on using?  The port you enter into your product will be dependent upon your mail provider...

If you are trying to set this up to use your Hughesnet email address, then the information is as follows.


HughesNet Email Services Port Information

ProtocolUseStandard PortSSL Port
POP3Receive Incoming mail110995
IMAPReceive Incoming mail143993
SMTPSend outgoing mail25 (default port - Do not use) 
SMTP/SMTPSSend outgoing mail587 (required)465
HTTPBrowser based Webmail80443


HughesNet Email Services Server Information

Account TypeIncoming Mail ServerOutgoing Mail Server

You can find more information on Hughesnet Email service at