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Repeating Code 28 - No TIPS - Started Today

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Repeating Code 28 - No TIPS - Started Today

Just about an hour or an hour and a half ago, I started losing connectivity every few minutes. It alternates between State Code 28 - No TIPS, and normal operation, Code 25. I looked up the codes for the HN9000 -- the code description indicates that the HN9000 is not receiving transmission information packets from the satellite,.and the recommendation is to the check cable integrity and dish pointing.


I inspected the cable, and there is no obvious damage. The system was working fine earlier, and there are no high winds or anything that could have affected dish pointing.


Is there an issue with the Spaceway satellite, or anything on the HughesNet end that could account for this, or is my modem/radio malfunctioning?


Edit: It is also going into Code 27 - No beacon, befor the Code 28 and it seems to happen more freqently when I am trying to send info... It resets on its own back to normal state, without a reboot or the full startup/comisson process. In other words, it is only off for a few seconds, then back on for a few minutes.




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The reps have probably left the office by now for the weekend, you may need to call the 800 number for troubleshooting.  To me it sounds like your ODU, cables, or possibly the modem is going south.

Curiously, why haven't you taken the opportunity to upgrade to a Gen5 service plan?

Thanks... Yeah, I figured it was a long shot posting. I called the support line (1-866-347-3292), and according to the rep I talked to, everything is okay on their end. Whlie I had him on the phone, he assured me there was no problem, while I was watching the control center and the modem was connecting and disconenctiong. I think it may have looked okay from his end, and while he was very helpful, he did not seem to understand the problem and seemed more interested in selling Gen 5 than anything else. (Can't blame him, that is the job. 🙂 )


I have phsicially checked the cables, but I am also leaning towards modem/radio failure. I was hoping it might be a transient weater event or a temporary problem with the Spaceway, as has happened before. I was hoping someone else may confirm that by posting here.


As far as upgrading to Gen 5, there are several reasons I have not so far:


First, I am off-grid, and I am concerned about the power usage of the new modem. (You answered my question on that a while back.)


Second, I am way off the beaten path in Far West Texas, and for the intial installtion, they had to send a guy from clear across the state, East Texas. That is a long haul, and my place is not easy to find. Also the weather can be unpredictable, especially now, and the dirt roads here can become tough to travesrse,


Third, I kind of wanted to wait for a while to see how the system shakes out for others. I work from home, and, so far, the HN9000/Spaceway has been very relaible for me. So it is kind of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.


I planned to upgrade when the time was right, likely before the end of June, when the special intro deal ends. Looks like I may have to do it a bit earlier... I just wanted to avoid the hassle as long as possible, 🙂

It's not your system. It's They always tell you it's on your end. Mine is doing it too. It was fine until this afternoon and it comes and goes. Same error message you are getting. I have the 9000 system but were trying not to upgrade so that if anything else comes available we won't be under contract.


I thought I replied to you but replied to the guy below you. It's not your system. It started the same thing with us this afternoon and comes and goes. Same error message. It's but they always tell you it's on your end. Don't mess with your equipment. When they figure it out, things will work again. We're still on the 9000 system and don't want to upgrade so that if something that actually works comes available in our area we won't be under contract though. We might have to eventually though.

Thanks, that is exactly why I posted. It seems to have settled down now, just in the last few minutes.


No, I would never mess with the dish or anything. I just checked the cables for obvious damage, and made sure they were tight. Out here in the desert, the critters like to gnaw on outside wires. (Many cars have fallen victim to them).


I acutally like HN, and it is better than the slow DSL some people are able to get out here. But, like I said, the HN9000 has been very relaible for me, and since the internet is my source of income, I have been weighing the upgrade carefully, and prefer to wait until any problems are ironed out with the new system.


I wish the phone reps were a bit more knowledgable, sometimes, and not so pressured to sell.


Thanks again!



You're welcome! I don't really hate it that much because overall it has been fairly reliable, considering that the only other service we can get is dialup. I read complaints about all of the providers so none are that great. I have learned that with satellite Internet, a lot of things can interfere with service. When I have a problem I always reboot the modem and router first. If that doesn't work I come in here to see if anybody else is posting about the same issue before I touch cables, etc. Most of the time I find it's on Hughes's end so I just wait it out. That's what I did yesterday when I saw your post. 🙂 We have had it for several years and I doubt we will have anything better for a lot more years. I'm back in the Tennessee hills out in the country on a farm so not many modern amenities like good Internet. My main complaint with Hughes is not enough data allowance to run the websites we have now or take care of the large updates from Microsoft, but it is what it is. I have turned off all the data hogs I can find and done everything they recommend but there is still not enough data allowance. I will probably upgrade soon but like you, I'm waiting.