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Requesting User Experiences for Gen5 Echostar-17 / Beam 19

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Requesting User Experiences for Gen5 Echostar-17 / Beam 19

Hello everyone.

If you are a GEN5 (not gen4) user on Echostar 17 on beam 19, I'm interested in getting your feedback on the download/upload speeds you are currently experiencing. 


Thanks for your feedback.



Location: Placerville, CA|Gen5 Beam:55|Gateway:GIL|Router:ASUS AC68U

I'm on beam 10, Gen5 E-17.

I can sometimes get 5 Mbps during the day and generally get less that 1MBps in the evening. It's not uncommon to have speeds under 250K. This has been so for over 6 months. Sometimes I will see 20Mbps at 6am.

I've been told that there are no plans to do anything on my beam and I been given credits to my acount and told that if I cancel I will not be charged early termination fees.

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